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For business owners by business owners

Your journey as an Entrepreneur or Business Owner is unique to you and no business journey is ever the same. However, there are 4 distinct stages in a Business lifecycle and each comes with its own risks, struggles, opportunities and rewards.

Stage one

Taking the entrepreneurial plunge. What are your business goals

Stage two

Has your initial growth started to level off?

Stage three

Now that you are established, what’s next?

Stage four

Do you know the drivers that make your company valuable?

Take the Value Builder Test

The Value Builder System is a statistically proven methodology designed to improve the value of your business.


What do we know?


Our Engage Programme is a step-by-step process which is designed to work with businesses in each stage of the lifecycle.


We can help you understand the most appropriate changes to focus on and implement the strategies that improve company value. This is appropriate whether you have been thinking about an exit or not.

Take control of your goals


Our Programme allows you that time to focus time on the end goals which we as business owners so rarely have – giving you back control of your future goals.


We are Certified Value BuildersTM and can work with you and your team to enhance the value of your business at the same time as giving you more freedom.


We work with you over a series of 12 modules and focus on the 8 key drivers of growth and value through a series of well-defined and coordinated modules

Your business journey

Watch our handy video which explains The Value Builder System process.