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Attract and retain top talent

Employee Wellbeing is more important now than ever and it has become increasingly apparent that mental wellbeing can be adversely affected by an employee’s financial circumstances and financial future.

Our unique Employee wellbeing program:


We begin by using the Wealth Personality® online application to quickly assess your employees financial wellbeing


We collate the results into key areas of concern and use these to develop our financial wellbeing program


We deliver our financial wellbeing program with focussed groups or videos designed to deal with the issues identified


We use Tweed Wealth Management to offer employees holistic advice where necessary through drop in sessions, engagement days or virtual one to one sessions


We assess your current employee benefit program and help you to tailor it to your employees to produce maximum engagement and satisfaction

We have found that these simple steps dramatically increase employee engagement and satisfaction, often without you having to increase your current employee benefit budget. The power is in the reflection and that part is free.

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